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(Successful Women In Freight Transportation) Where we get you moving Swiftly! Our accessibility to a network of carriers and distributors allows us to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively provide all the transportation solutions you need.


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She’S.W.I.F.T represents professional Logistic Specialists in solving transportation difficulties of shippers and carriers. We build trust worthy, long term relationships as we provide excellent customer service for your supply chain needs.

She’ S.W.I.F.T (Successful Women in Freight Transportation Services) was created with the mind frame of empowering more women into the Freight Transportation Industry.

Women comprise approximately 7.89 percent of the driver population (source: Women in Trucking Association Index). And 23% of women are in management/sales positions according to the Dept of Labor.

We want to encourage more women to enter the field of transportation and logistics management areas and strive for substantial innovation in the transportation industry for the future.

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Our team of consultants strategize to develop strategic and custom plans, setting your business up on a solid foundation.


Our dedicated team of dispatchers negotiate for higher prices, talk to brokers, and handle paperwork. 

Fleet Management

Our team of highly skilled consultants take care of all admin work and back office management for your business. 

Courses and Training

She’S.W.I.F.T Services offers a series of lessons that will prepare you for the road ahead. 


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